Voice is

Who We Are

Welcome to Whole Self Voice. Here, we study singing in the context of a Life of acceptance, curiosity, and love.

Who Am I?

My name is Rebecca Fromherz. I am a singer, a teacher, a healer, a yogi, a passionate animal lover, and I love to help people find Voice.

Where is Whole Self Voice Located?

I teach Voice via Zoom and in the beautiful hills of the Coastal Range in Western Oregon.

Who can study Whole Self Voice?

Anyone can find their Whole Self Voice if they feel called to, and by it.

I would love to work with you.

Meet Blackberry and Tripod.

Blackberry, Blossom, and Tripod are the newest members in the Whole Self Voice story. I’m happy I get to introduce you.

I’m Rebecca Fromherz.

My last name can be translated “From the Heart.” It is good to sing “From the Heart,” but that is not enough. It takes Heart, Mind, Soul, Spirit–All We Are. It’s complex, but also simple. It’s the Journey of a Lifetime, and as easy as the nest breath.